Renting a boat with a skipper for sailing trips?

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Many people have associated the image of traveling on sailing boats as something luxurious, expensive or inaccessible to the average traveler. This impression can be the result of what you see on television or in the press of the heart or because an association is made between sailing and “high society”. 

Sailing in medium sized boats -cruise type- is very pleasant, fun and accessible to almost all pockets. It is a question of looking for accessible plans, and the most committed companies according to the valuation of their clients in pages like Marinemax Reviews.

However, we are not talking about going on a 30 meter long boat with crew and services, but about renting a boat with its skipper, to do coastal navigation or small trips. In this article we will talk to you about the pros and cons of this type of trip, as well as what you can discover when you see the cities from the perspective of the sea.

Sailing, a way to travel

Travelling in boats propelled by the force of the wind hitting the sails, is a very attractive way to travel along the coasts, or even to travel around the world. Sailing boats are an excellent way to cover small distances and have a great advantage in that they are both the means of transport and the place to stay.

Valuing both costs, the set is not as expensive as one may think. Normally, on boats for 6-8 people and coastal trips, it can be cheaper than the price of changing hotels and travelling by train, bus or private car, and the experiences will be unforgettable for everyone.

Unlike the motor boats, -the launches-, whose fuel consumption is so high that they make the price of the trip very expensive, a sailing boat can be rented at prices similar to those of a 4 star hotel, with the advantage that we will make a different tourism, we will practice or learn a sport, and we will live a less usual experience in our lives.

With or without skipper?

Unless you have the PER, -Patron of pleasure boats, the official title that qualifies you for coastal navigation–, you cannot rent a sailing boat to sail on your own, so it will be necessary to rent the boat with a skipper.

Even if you have one, it is preferable to rent a skipper when you do not know the coast, as his experience will make the trip more complete by discovering interesting places to drop anchor or anchor, to take a bath or to choose where to dock. 

Remember to find out the opinions of other users, in pages like Marinemax Reviews, so you have a better idea of the quality of the service they offer.

In any case, the skipper will agree with you everything related to the trip, the route and the stops, as far as possible, depending on the weather and the wind. During the trip, you will be one more at lunch time, and normally you will ask for some help in the manoeuvres of the boat, both when arriving or leaving the port and to tack or change the sails.

Pros and cons of sailing trips

If you have never sailed before, you will surely be fascinated by the sensation of freedom, you will be moved by the heels or inclines of the boat and you will be able to live an unforgettable experience. You will also see the coast from the sea, and you will be surprised by the reliefs of the capes and gulfs, or even understand how to find your way around and find a course with the explanations of the skipper.

Sailing relaxes you and disconnects you from the world and the usual routine, which is very pleasant. In fact sailing shares some of the reasons why I like diving, such as the possibility of discovering another perspective of the countries or cities visited, spectacular views, the feeling of peace and concentration, etc.

We hope that this post will be useful for all those adventurers who want to sail, always remember to compare prices, services and see the ratings of other consumers in review pages like Marinemax Reviews. With all that information in hand, you will be able to choose the best trip!